As the name implies, loop straps are a single piece of webbing that is looped around the item to be protected and brought back together at the tie down fastener (ratchet or cambuckle) for fastening and providing tension.


Two-piece tie down straps are a single assembly that is constructed out of two separate pieces of webbing each with their own hardware that are fastened at one end to the area surrounding the equipment to be protected and connect to each other, at the ratchet or cambuckle.

Ratchet straps are manufactured to secure cargo in place on trucks, trailers, boats, and other freight carriers. Most ratchet straps are made with polyester webbing to minimize weathering and damage. There is a wide variety of hardware for ratchet straps, such as; flat hooks, snap hooks, wire hooks, grab hooks, s-hooks, chain, e fittings, and more.

You should inspect your ratchet straps before each use and replace any tie down strap assembly that is not in excellent working condition. You should never use a ratchet strap if there is abrasive wear, broken or worn stitching, holes, tears, cuts, or any tie down hardware that shows a defect.

Choosing the Correct Ratchet Strap for your Application
1. Figure the weight and size of the cargo you are securing
2. Tie down strap needs a Working Load Limit (WLL) equal to or greater than that weight
3. Choose the length you need
4. Choose the hardware that will be best for your application (ratchet, hooks, etc)

Post time: May-06-2017
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