2017 Latest Design Stud Fitting EF8010 to Bogota Factories

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2017 Latest Design Stud Fitting EF8010 to Bogota Factories Detail:


Material: Steel/Aluminum

Finish: Zinc-plated

Minimum breaking load: 2727kgs/6000lbs


Color: Silvery Or Customized


Use:Safety and fitting

Packing details: Safety carton with pallet for sea shipping

Delivery details: 30-35days after you confirm the order

Shipment:By sea, by air or DHL,UPS, Fedex


Free sample time: in 3days

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 Stud Fitting EF8010 to Bogota Factories detail pictures

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    Liberal Snowflakes Are MELTING After Trump Unveiled His GENIUS Idea For Renewable Energy

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    Nothing sends a Liberal snowflake into a good temper tantrum quite like when Trump does anything that remotely supports any kind of “liberal belief.” Yet he is thinking of doing just that, and in a big way that will be amazingly good for ALL of us! If Trump goes through with his border wall the snowflakes will erupt. BUT, if he goes through with his border wall made out of solar panels…what will they do?

    This is an EPIC move by Trump and liberals are melting everywhere!

    Here is more from Allen West:

    We’re at the point where President Donald Trump could say that the sky is blue, and the headline on the New York Times tomorrow would be “Debate Rages Over Color of Sky.” PolitiFact would probably rate the president’s claim “half-true,” noting that while the sky is indeed blue on some days, it is cloudy on others. We bring that up only because it was just last week that Trump was getting ravaged for supposedly saying “screw you” to the planet in pulling out of the Paris Agreement, an agreement that wasn’t binding legally, and would cost the U.S. $100 billion a year to reduce temperatures by a negligible 0.2 degrees Celsius by 2100. Even former NASA scientist James Hansen, the “father of climate change,” concurred that the Paris Agreement was a bum deal. That aside, it’ll be interesting to see the excuses those same environmentalists have for opposing a new environmental twist on Trump’s “big beautiful wall.”

    As Fox News reported, President Trump on Tuesday reportedly suggested that solar panels could offset some of the costs to erect a border wall on the U.S.’s southern border. Trump made the pitch on Tuesday during a meeting with congressional Republicans, two lawmakers who attended the meeting told The Wall Street Journal. The details of the plan were still unclear, but the revenue from selling the solar power generated by the panels could help offset some of the construction costs.

    “I think it’s innovative,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., told the paper. “To authorize it and to appropriate it wouldn’t cost as much.” Solar panels and other forms of green energy are popular among those who strongly opposed Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris accord, according to The Wall Street Journal. However, most Democrats have been against Trump’s key campaign promise of building a border wall
    “He’s been looking at a lot of options and this is a new option that he’s been looking at that sounds like its got real promise,” House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., said. The proposed border wall would cost between an estimated $10-$25 billion (depending on which estimate you look at), but Congress has yet to allocate any funds towards it. Trump said he would revisit getting money to fund the wall in September. Gleason Partners LLC is responsible for officially proposing a solar-border. Two of their renderings of what such a border would look like are pictured below:
    Technically Mexico won’t be paying for the wall, but the return on the energy saved for the country will be a good investment that will eventually pay for itself, make us a bitless energy dependent for foreign energy. I am LOVING this idea!!! God Bless the President and God Bless America!

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